Descendants of Louis Autard and Sybille de Ferrus - France 1340


5. Francois Autard

1 NOTE Francios and his wife Marguerite, the daughter of PierredeLeydet
lived in Sisteron in Dauphine, France. There are two reports oftheir
sons, the first states that they had 3 sons, Gaspard, Balthazardand
Melchior. This information is in a document held by M. deSaint
Allais. The second in a document held by the Department ofPublic
records shows that there were 2 sons Balthazard and Honore. Myown
personal opinion is that we should accept both accounts as true:Most
families had several children and the likelihood of only twosons
is remote. We know for sure that Balthazard was one of the sonsand
as per records from the USA we know that Honore existed. Noother
reference has been found pertaining to the 2 others sons exceptthat
the name Gaspard is found in Balthazards descendants. In thelaw
of succession it is presumed that Balthazard must have been theeldest
son and would have inherited his fathers title, no record isshown
that Honore had any titles.

Source Marie Laure Autard de Bragard

7. Francois Autard

1 NOTE Source Marie Laure Autard de Bragard