Descendants of Louis Autard and Sybille de Ferrus - France 1340


6. Balthazard Autard De Bragard

1 NOTE Balthazard Autard served with distinction under 5 kingsofFrance
in the armies of Henry II, Francois II, Charles IX, Henry IIIand
Henry IV. He was one of the finest Captains under the Duke ofthe
Lesdiquieres Francois de Bonne The name DE BRAGARD was giventoBalthazard
after a battle (Unknown) in which he singlehandedly defended thePrince
of Orange. Balthazard was titled in 1563 the year of hismarriage
to Ms. Bernard and again in 1588. He was enobled by letter fromthe
King of France in February of 1607 and granted the position asaGovernor
of Orpierre in Dauphine France. There are a few historiansthat
have stated the granting of the title in 1607 was in error, butrecords
show that the family received titles in 1375, 1456,1484, 1563and
1588. The original titles are held by the Autard de Bragardfamily
in France. The original documents as signed by Henry IVgranting
Balthazard an enoblement are also available. It was standardpractice
if the King was pleased by a courageous captain, he would writea
letter of gratitude for service and enoble the person even ifthat
person already held a title. The letters were referred toas"confirmation
of Nobility". In documents dated 1563 and 1588 Balthazard wasalready
referred to as a noble man and in a testament dated 1500 PierreAutard
is referred to as na honorable man and nobled lineageextraction(Balthazard's
great grandfather ? or more recent Uncle ?)

Source Dictionairre universal de la Noblesse de France by M.deCourcelles
Source Nobiliare de L'Ancienne Isle de France by Rene le Judgede
Source Marie Laure Autard de Bragard

Titles received see Crest File

13. Alexandre Autard De Bragard

1 NOTE Never married

9. Melchior Autard

1 NOTE Source Marie Laure Autard de Bragard

10. Unknown Autard

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